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Is Your Data Safe?

Almost half of small businesses surveyed by an online backup company said the fear of losing data keeps them up at night. However, only 36 percent said they have a detailed disaster recovery plan. In this digital age the data stored on our computers, servers and in the “cloud” are the life of the business.

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What is Ransomware? Should you be concerned?

Ransomware is a class of malware infection that is rapidly becoming the most common way cybercriminals attempt to “con” money from infected users. Recent forms of ransomware “encrypt” or lock access to an infected device’s files. Commonly the files locked include Word documents, spreadsheets, pictures, databases and others. It can also encrypt files on your

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Why hire a professional to configure your network?

At WBC Services, we understand that your network is the framework of your business. We will evaluate your needs and set up a system that will operate efficiently and effectively so you can can concentrate on your business. Whether you have five employees or 5000, we will design a network that suits your business and

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